From the Principal

There are of course many things that I love about our school but one thing that has shone through the last couple of weeks is the cross age connections that happen throughout the day.  

Regularly we see different ages during breaks either playing with each other, helping others that are hurt or talking through situations that have arisen.  

The way our classes are setup also sees the same happening in them.  While I spend most of the week in the Prep to 2 classroom, I often see the Grade 2’s helping the younger students learn.  It also happens the other way too which is quite amazing at times.  Last year when I taught in the 3-6 classroom, I saw it happen regularly in there too.  

It is a simple nice reminder that we all can learn from those around us, whether they are younger or older than ourselves.  We all bring different experiences and skills and when we combine, amazing things can happen.

I hope everyone has a restful and safe break so we can continue our amazing learning in Term 4.

Whole School News

Uniform Notices

Reminder that when we come back for Term 4 we will be back into our summer uniforms.

Dresses with jumpers for girls with black polishable shoes only.

Shorts with shirts and jumpers for boys with black polishable shoes only.

Sport uniform stays the same but we encourage students to wear their shorts, not track pants.


Also ALL STUDENTS are to bring their HATS back next term as they will be a requirement for all recess and lunch breaks. If students do not have their hat, they will be required to stay in shaded areas.                                          

If you cannot find your hat, a new can be ordered through the online store now so that it is here waiting when we return.


Also, we would like to remind families what we have been telling the students.  If the uniform is ripped and torn and looking unpresentable, it needs to be replaced.

If you need to order more uniform for now or for next year please do so through the online uniform shop - if you have trouble with that please come and see us at the office for assistance.

School Drop Off and Start Time

Please ensure that students are not at school prior to 8.30am.  Students are supervised between 8.30am and 8.50am with the official start time of 8.50am with Daily PE.

Award Presentations

Recently we were able to celebrate some great achievements with some of our students who participated in and local and state wide competitions.

We had 8 students enter into the ‘Take a Chance on Maths’ statewide competition ran by the Maths association of Tasmania. The students had to create a poster showing a what the chance of an event occurring was in pictures and words. We were thrilled when Chevy Cooke (Grade 5) was announced as receiving first place in the state and Lucie Howell (Grade 4) the runner up.

All of our students also participated in the ‘Find your treasure’ competition ran locally by Stories bookshop. The students created an art piece about what they identified as treasure in their lives.  Kate Carins and Januka Biswa received prizes and gift vouchers for their efforts! For such a little school this is incredible recognition! Well done to all!!

High School Happenings

Work Experience Trips

Our highschool students have been getting out and about for Work Studies the last few weeks. Mrs Howell, Jess and Victoria visited the Brooks High School chaplain to learn about what makes a good youth worker. Victoria commented, “I thought (the job) would be much more involved and more like counseling; but it’s more like a person who makes you feel comfortable that is open to listen and discuss different aspects of your life”. We also visited Mrs Harper at Cornerstone Farms who raises ethically farmed pork, lamb and beef. We had a great time visiting the piglets and watching the spring lambs in the paddocks. It was a real eye opener as to the many and varied roles a farmer plays each and every day. Jess commented, “I learnt that it does take up a massive portion of your life if you want to own a farm and animals; you always have something to do on the farm and you don't have a lot of spare time.” We will be continuing to visit various workplaces next term as our students begin to think about life when they leave ACC and what their future work and study adventures might look like.

Kindergarten Enrolments

We are still taking enrolments for Kinder (and all grades) for next year. If you know anyone with Kinder age children please direct the to our website for more information or they can call us at the office on 63268885 to organise a Campus Tour.

Science Excursion grades 3-6

On Wednesday the 19th of September, our grade 3-6 students headed off for most of the day to experience different environments and biomes in the area.  This was the highlight and completion of a terms work in science this term.

The day was a huge success and they were blessed with an amazing sunny day. All enjoyed getting out into nature and enjoying all that God has blessed us with.

The students also made dioramas to show their learning.  They put a lot of work into them and should be very proud of their work.

Grandparents & Special Friends Day

Our first Grandparents and special friends day was held on Wednesday the 19th of September and what a wonderful time was had with our visitors. The students really enjoyed having them come in and participate in the many activities. Please share the photos with your family and friends to enjoy. Big thank you to Mrs Cleaver & Mrs Shand for all the work they did.

ACC Reusable Shopping Bags

If you would like to get some of our reusable shopping bags, please come and see Janelle at the office. They are great for using out and about town to advertise our great school.

Stanley & Burnie Excursion

What an eventful first day of our time away we have had.

We set off this morning from school at 8:30am and headed for the Burnie ACC Campus where we stopped for morning tea.

Then we all piled back in the bus and drove to Stanley, the Burnie students also came to Stanley. We arrived at Historic Highfield House in time for lunch in their beautiful gardens before the Burnie guys headed to the Nut while we stayed and did a very informative tour learning all about the historic aspect of the property and how it was settled by convicts.

Some comments about the tour were -

“It was all very enjoyable and we were amazed that the original family had 15 children which we don’t really see now" - Jeni

After our tour we went to The Nut - which was originally a volcano and we walked up to the top and then did a trip around the top, it was amazing to see the views all around and the amazing ocean that surrounded us.

We enjoyed an awesome BBQ dinner at Godfreys beach where the Hobart ACC students also joined us, we were very graciously helped out by Mrs Richardson’s Mum and Dad and we all ate heaps.

We then settled in to where we are sleeping for the night at the Stanley Chapel and watched a DVD before we settled down for the night.

Enjoy these photos from our day so far and we will have to follow up next term with photos from our time in Burnie doing basketball and athletics.


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